Programmed for Stupidity

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According to the New York Times using data from Nielsen Research, the average American watches an average of five hours of television every day. (that’s 34 hours a week) Now that’s the average American. Obviously, most American watch far more. Can you blame them? There’s plenty to see. There are literally hundreds of networks at one’s […]

Fashion Is A Verb

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Ask the average person to define the word “fashion” and they’ll immediately start talking about clothes, shoes and airhead supermodels. That’s because people have forgotten that the word “fashion” is also a verb. Fashion means “to mold, change or configure”. The fashion industry is one of the most important elements in culture because it functions […]

Welcome To My Headspace

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Welcome friends. This is my first blog and it will be the first of many. My blogs will primarily focus on my major two obsessions; culture and mass media. Along with commentary on a wide variety of subjects, there will be reviews of books, movies, music and other arts. My commentaries and reviews will not […]