Welcome friends.

This is my first blog and it will be the first of many. My blogs will primarily focus on my major two obsessions; culture and mass media. Along with commentary on a wide variety of subjects, there will be reviews of books, movies, music and other arts. My commentaries and reviews will not necessarily be focused on the contemporary world. I’m also obsessed with history, so the past is very important to me. I look forward to the possibility of introducing modern audiences to people, ideas and art from yesteryear.

It’s generally assumed that as citizens in a society, we create our own culture. But in recent years I’ve come to consider the distinct possibility of something quite bizarre. Perhaps we don’t actually create our own culture at all. Perhaps culture is something that is given to us… even imposed upon us. From exactly whom, I don’t know. But if true, what are the implications? It means that culture may well be a manufactured leash. Perhaps we’ll discover the truth… together. Stay tuned.